Welcome to the introductory episode of the Grand Old Podcast! This series is hosted by  Izaak Pichardo. Izaak is from Kern County and is currently residing in San Jose CA. To learn more about Izaak, check out the “About Us” section on our website.

Thank you to Ms. Ashley Willits for providing the intro/outro vocals for the program. Ashley is a beautiful and talented young woman who has experience in music and vocals. You can check out her YouTube channel by clicking here.

The Grand Old Podcast is a fresh new podcast series with episodes featuring politics and campaign lifestyle. This series will also feature episodes on topics around issues on the national, state and local scene.The series will look to have guests that include elected officials, candidates and experts in their field of campaigns and issue advocacy. The program will feature Republican guest more often but it will also have Democrat and non- Republican guests from time to time.

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