On this episode, Izaak’s guest is Nino Lucido. Nino is an eighteen year high school senior who is a passionate Republican activist. Nino will talk about his experience being a staunch Republican in high school nowadays.

Nino talks about how most of his classmates are Bernie supporters and recalls a project he gave that dispelled Bernie’s position. His presentation helped to recruit his classmates to support Republican candidates. Nino then talks about his relationships with his teachers and how he enjoys getting into debates with them.

Nino gives his take on how the GOP can start engaging the teenage youth community. It’s all about connecting with them young. Teenagers are directly influenced by they’re family and teachers and we all know that teachers can have political bias. Izaak and Nino also talk about how its important to engage with minority youth as well.

If you would like to connect with Nino, you can email him at ninolucidogop@gmail.com. If you are on the Headliner app, you can view Nino’s videos.