The Grand Old Podcast

A Fresh New Take On The Grand Old Party, Politics and Campaign Lifestyle

Whats The Grand Old Podcast? 

The Grand Old Podcast is a podcast series with a fresh, new take on  topics focusing around the Republican Party, politics and campaign lifestyle. This series will feature special guests which include political professionals, consultants, elected officials, candidates, politicos and issue advocates.

Our goal is to deliver new and intriguing content about campaigns, community outreach and all fun things involving politics. If you’re specifically interested in a career in politics or campaigns, you’ll definitely enjoy this podcast program.

Izaak Pichardo

Izaak Pichardo

Host and Producer

Izaak started his journey in politics by getting involved with with California College Republicans. Izaak joined his campus’ college republican chapter his freshman year at UC Davis. Izaak became Chairman of Davis College Republicans by his sophomore year where he worked on getting his members engaged on local campus issues, targeted campaigns and the local republican party. Izaak’s career in California College Republicans extended to becoming Capitol Region Vice-Chair and then Statewide Treasurer.

Also during college, Izaak became involved with the Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate campaign. He joined the campaign first, while as a student, by serving as statewide Vice-Chair for the Students for Carly coalition where he helped organized student volunteers and turnout in the Northern California region for the campaign. After graduating UC Davis. Izaak joined the official campaign staff by becoming Deputy Coalitions Director where he managed political and volunteer events in the Southern California region.

After the 2010 election cycle, Izaak returned home to Kern County and worked at Western Pacific Research, Inc., Bakersfield’s premier Republican consulting firm, where he worked on youth outreach groups and local fundraisers and events.

In Fall 2011, Izaak relocated to San Jose CA where he currently serves as the Executive Director for the Santa Clara County Republican Party (SVGOP). His work has led to SVGOP experiencing great success which includes electing more Republicans in the county and getting SVGOP more engaged within the community.

Izaak is excited to bring his passion and energy to this podcast. He promises to deliver great guests and fun content in these episodes.

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