This is the first episode of the Campaign Strategy segment of the podcast. These episodes will feature top political and campaign professionals talking about the latest strategies and tactics being used in campaigns and political advocacy today.

This episode features Michael Escoto who is a digital campaign expert who has worked with the Republican National Committee. He is the Digital Senior Consultant for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

In this episode, Michael talks about passive listening and how it will be used in regards to politics. First, passive listening is technology that is used today that lets devices hear you when prompted but they are always on and listening to you. Examples of passive listening is Siri on IPhone. Siri is always on and listening in waiting for you to prompt the technology. Michael goes on to explain that with this technology, advertisers can know if you talk about a certain product or service, which then they will send you advertisements for it straight to your devices.

Michael then talks about how this will be used in politics. this type of technology will allow campaigns or politicians hear what your thoughts are on candidates or issues. You can talk about how you’re for a certain candidate while talking in your house and then that campaign can identify your house and try to communicate with you. Passive listening can also be used to tell if anyone is home so campaigns can target houses that they know for sure that the residents are there.

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