In this episode, Izaak’s guest is Burt Lancaster, not the movie star!, but the business and entrepreneurial consultant. Izaak delves into how he met Burt when he ran for California State Assembly. Burt is a successful business and entrepreneurial consultant who has advised multiple business in the U.S and internationally.

Burt is born and bred from San Francisco Bay Area.. He grew up in East Palo Alto. Burt formed his own company, Lancaster Resolve, which is a technology consulting firm. His company has allowed him to travel around most of the world to advise businesses. He has given many lectures on businesses and entrepreneurship as well.

Burt says that being entrepreneur requires a certain personality. If you like to meet at the water cooler and talk about the latest sport scores, then it might not be a good fit; however, if enjoy being on your own and working solo, then the entrepreneurial landscape may work out for you better.

Burt suggests reading a book named The Millionaire Next Door to give you an idea of what real entrepreneurship and typical millionaires look like. You can check out the book in our resources page.

Regarding roadblocks for today’s entrepreneurs, Burt states is the excess of regulations and high taxes are a hindrance to entrepreneurship. Some states are easier with less regulation,, Unfortunately, our home state here in California is not one of them.

Regarding opportunities and the future of entrepreneurial, Burt says there is no greater time. Because of the instant access and delivery of the internet, anyone can become an entrepreneur.

Izaak and Burt wrap up the discussion by defining what an entrepreneur is. They both define it as someone making a product, service or item from scratch and producing and distributing their product out to the world on their own.

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