We bring another episode to the Campaign Strategy Series. On this week’s episode, Izaak has on Sangeeth Peruri who is the co-founder of Voter Circle. Voter Circle is a new digital platform that helps campaigns and candidates reach out to more voters through their supporters.

Sangeeth’s background is in Wall Street finance; however, he retired in 2012 so he can  start giving back to the community. He became an elected official for the Los Altos School Board District. It was through Sangeeth’s experience running for office that led him to come up with Voter Circle.

Voter Circle is a digital platform that allows you to connect and communicate your message to your supporter’s network. The Voter Circle platform allows your supporters to connect their email list and match it with a voter file. Your supporters can see who on your contacts list are registered to vote in a particular district and what they’re registration is. They can reach out to them using the platform and  send out an email/message,written by the campaign/candidates, which will come up as a personal email.

With Voter Circle, a campaign can craft the message and use their supporters to reach out to their contacts who live in the particular district as well. When the supporters reach out to their network, the recipients can engage/sign up with the campaign. This friend to friend voter outreach brings in high returns of engagement and allows people to volunteer with a campaign with a few clicks of the button. Not only has Voter Circle has led to an increase in engagement, but it also led to an increase in voter turnout.

If you would like to connect with Sangetth, you can email him at sang@votercircle.com.

To view a demo of Voter Circle, visit www.votercircle.com
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