On this week’s episode, Izaak brings in Former San Jose City Councilmember Pete Constant. Pete will be sharing his insights and advice for people looking to get elected to office and how best to serve your constituents.

Pete starts off by saying it’s important to plan out your campaign and candidacy before you actually start running. You should have your plan laid out before you start running and be prepared for what you’re in store for.

Pete also points out that candidates need to be communicating with their communities before they start running. He has seen on multiple occasions of candidates running for office with no reputation or presence in the community. These candidates don’t realize that you have to have a presence in your neighborhood before you run for office. How can people expect to vote for you if they don’t see you around the community?

Izaak and Pete continue talking about the motivation to not only run for office but serving as well. Pete says that being an elected official does not grant you “power” but instead it grants you “influence”. How you use that influence determines your effect in the community.

Pete’s advice for first time candidates is to reach out and talk to elected officials. There are so many resources available to you such as your local political party. Also look for help from members in the community. To run a successful campaign, you’ll need to be able to ask for help and raise money. When someone contribute, whether its $5 or $500, that donor has invested in you and will support you.

On being an effective elected official, Pete says to not forget about the people who helped you to get elected. Remember your obligation to help your local party if they helped get you elected. On being accountable to your constituents, Pete says it’s important to show up. You have to be available to meet with your constituents. Remember that you’re serving the people, they’re not serving you.

You can connect with Pete by email at pete@peteconsstant.com.

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