This is the first episode of a new series, the Get Elected To Office Series, this series will feature current and former Elected Officials where they will give their insights and takeaways on running for office and being a competent elected official.

In this episode, Chuck Page, former Mayor of and Councilman of Saratoga. Chuck gives his insights on running for office and lessons learned.

Chuck’s main insights are:
1. Have your communications ready when absentee ballots go out most voters vote by absentee so it’s important to communicate to these voters.

2. Make sure you love people and being social. You really have to enjoy talking to and being around people if you want to run for office.

3. Be prepared to accept donations. Successful campaigns take up  resources and you need a way to finance those resources.

4. Take advantage of resources that are available, whether it is from your local political party or other elected officials and candidates.

5. Always write down events that happen that can lead to anecdotes to use on the campaign trail.

Chuck’s advice for when you get elected and to be a good representative:

1- You have to care

2. Try to learn as much as you can.

To get a hold of Chuck, you can visit his website at or you can reach him at 408 356 0427.