Welcome To The Grand Old Podcast!: Check out the introductory episode of the series!

Being A High School Republican: Find out what it’s like to be a High School Republican from Nino Lucido. 

Latino Engagement: Hear from Bob Nuñez, Chairman of the Santa Clara County Republican Party, on his take how the Republican Party can engage more with the Latino community.

The Entrepreneurial Landscape: Hear from Burt Lancaster of Lancaster Resolve on the state of entrepreneurism in this episode.

Campaign Strategy #1: Passive Listening with Michael Escoto: This is the first episode in a new segment talking about campaign strategies. Michael Escoto talks about passive listening and how it will be used in regards to politics.

Get Elected To Office #1: Chuck Page, Former Saratoga Mayor: This is the first episode in a new segment talking about how to get elected to office. Chuck Page, Former Mayor of Saratoga, shares his thoughts.

RNC Convention Recap and New Season Preview: Hear about Izaak’s experience at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and a preview of upcoming episodes.

Young Women in the Professional Landscape with Sarah Storelli: Sarah and Izaak talk about the current landscape for women in the professional/business industry.

Neighborhood Political Advocacy with Joe Patterson: Joe Patterson discusses how a person can get involved and affect real political change in their community.

Campaign Strategy #2 Paid Digital Media with Chandra Sharma: Chandra Sharma talks about how campaigns can use paid digital media to get their messages across to voters.

Get Elected To Office #2: Pete Constant, Former San Jose Councilmember: Pete Constant, Former San Jose City Councilmember, gives his take on how to get elected to office.

Campaign Strategy #3: Friend to Friend Voter Outreach with Sangeeth Peruri of Voter Circle: Sangeeth Peruri, Founder of Voter Circle, discusses how Voter Circle will change the game with friend-to-friend voter outreach.

Working in Politics #1: Joe Patterson: This episode is the first segment talking about how people can find job opportunities in politics.

Working in Politics #2: Chandra Sharma: Chandra Sharma gives his take on how to find political job opportunities.