In this episode, Izaak interviews Joe Patterson. Joe is the former Executive Director of The Lincoln Club of Northern California and is currently the Executive Director for the California Gaming Association. The topic they will be discussing is political advocacy in your neighborhood and how you can affect change in your community on local issues.

They discuss this topic by covering a specific issue that Joe Patterson directly faced. In his town of Rocklin CA, a psychiatric hospital was being proposed to be built close to a high school and other local schools. Joe and fellow citizens of his community were uncomfortable with this proposal and sought to affect the opening of this psychiatric hospital.

Joe says that the first important step is to get people involved. How do you do that? Connect with people by using social media  to communicate and connect with your neighborhood. When you connect on social media, make sure you frame the issue to communicate your message. When communicating to your neighbors, you are able to meet people and help form a coalition.

Joe talks about the importance of an organized operation. His leadership group consisted of public relations professional, attorney, medical professionals and himself who was a political professional. Through their organized coalition, they were able to effectively affect change withing the local governemnt. In your coalition, it’s best to have someone to understand the media and legal options for the best results.

When you’re organized, it’s important to reach out to other groups and organizations in your community to get them on your side. For example, Joe and his group got the school board and police chief on their side to oppose the psychiatric hospital.

Joe reiterates that it’s extremely important to get organized and use social media to communicate your message to your community.

If you would like to connect with Joe Patterson, you can email him at