In this episode, Izaak welcomes you back to the new upcoming  season of The Grand Old Podcast. Before he talks about the upcoming season, Izaak shares a recap of his time at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. He talks about his role with the RNC Digital Team and his experience on the floor of the convention center.

Click here to see an example of some of the content that the RNC Digital Team produced.

Izaak talks about the great episodes lined up for this upcoming season. HE will have new episodes for the Get Elected and Campaign Strategies segments. Izaak will also be introducing a new segment where he will interview political professionals on advice for getting a career in politics. This segment will be very resourceful to anyone looking to work or have a career in politics. Izaak is excited to bring you this new segment to the program.

The new season of The Grand Old Podcast kicks off this week so stay tuned!