We introduce a new segment of The Grand Old Podcast on this week;s episode. This is the Working in Politics series where Izaak and his guests discuss advice and tips for people who want to have a career in the field of politics and campaigns.

For the first episode in this new segment, Izaak has on again Joe Patterson, Joe will give his insights for people looking to have a political career.

Joe says the best way to get a foot in the door is to intern. Joe states that its best to have an internship while you’re in school because offices/legislators like having students as interns. Joe says a good route is to intern at a legislative office, whether its at a capital building or district office.

Joe also got good experience from going through a fellowship program. He went through an Assembly fellowship program which allowed him to work at the state capital and expand his network of contacts.

Joe says that its important to understand that if you want to get involved, you’ll have to do things that are unpaid. For people to know who you are and see your skills, you’ll have to volunteer or intern at an office or organization to work your way up. Even to this day, Izaak and Joe still volunteer with different organizations to expand their network.

If you would like to connect with Joe, you can email him at joepatterson@gmail.com

Also, Joe is running for city council in his town of Rocklin, CA. To show your support for his race, visit joepatterson.com

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