In this episode, Izaak’s guest is Sarah Storelli. Sarah is a young corporate professional who works in the tech industry, but who also is an elected member to the San Francisco Central Committee.

Izaak and Sarah discuss the current landscape for millennial women in the corporate world. Sarah discusses what her experience has been like and tips for young women to succeed in the corporate industry. Sarah states that an important factor to consider is finding a mentor in your field to help guide you along your career.

The duo starts discussing how politics plays into your professional career and how being involved can help you boost your career. Sarah advocates that being politically involved brings more of an understanding of both the public and private sector. Also getting involved gets you in front of the influencers in your industry and community, so always show up and meet new people.

If you would like to connect with Sarah, you can contact her via email at or you can connect to her LinkedIn page by clicking here.